Ngā mōkai-ā-Koko mud pool

Hints and Tips

• Take the stairs to your left for a birds eye view of the pool.

• Rotorua geothermal mud is great for the skin. Head to our gift shop to try it yourself.


The playfulness of the mud in this pool reminded Koko of the playful nature of the children, hence the mud pool’s name.

This pool is also known as “the frog pool” as many believe the mud resembles leaping frogs in a pond.

Mud pools are created when hydrogen sulphide is released into the air, reacting with oxygen and creating sulphuric acid. This acid has the ability to dissolve rock into fine particles of silica and clay, which is called kaolin. Kaolin is white when pure, but finely black sulphur in the mud pool turns it grey.

Did you know?

That “pongy” smell Rotorua is famous for is due to the hydrogen sulphide released by geothermal features.

Mud pools change depending on the weather. When it has been raining, the mud will be fluid to resemble black boiling water, and when it is hot and dry, the mud will be sticky and small mud volcanoes may form.

Geothermal mud is used to treat skin problems, as well as soothing the ailments of rheumatic and arthritic conditions.

Ngā mōkai-ā-Koko mud pool

Ngā mōkai-ā-Koko means the cherished ones of Koko, who was a notable chief of the original pā (fortified village) here at Te Puia.